WWF Japan's 【Responsible Purchasing Checklist】(『林産物調達チェックリスト』英語版)


What is the Checklist?

Forest Products, such as paper and timber, have own origin(s) of forest. WWF Japan’s “Responsible Purchasing Checklist” defines points to be confirmed regarding economic, environmental, social aspects in the forests of origin, as well as provides “how to confirm” the state of forest management.


Evaluation of a forest product by this checklist consist of “traceability” which confirms the forest(s) of origin and “appropriateness of forest management” of each specified forest.

WWF Japan’s Checklist uses 12 principles for appropriate forest management. The 12 standards are of economic, environmental, and social aspects. For each principle, the Checklist gives score based on “credibility” of evidences that justify compliance with the standard. Finally total score is shown as “Grade”.

Who should complete the checklist?

Those have access to information regarding forest management should fulfill the checklist. If you are asked from your customer to fulfill the Checklist, you could fill in “Place of Origin List” and “Place of Origin Sheet(s)” when you have information on the state of forest management. If you do not have information on the state of forest management, you should ask your supplier to fill in the Checklist or correct information that enables you to complete the Checklist.

You should submit “Place of Origin List”, “Place of Origin Sheet(s)”, and “General Evaluation Sheet” to your customer.
Since evidence documents could justify reliability of the Checklist, it is also recommendable to attach evidence documents for fulfilling the Checklist, such as logging permit”.


You can download the “Checklist”, “Manual “, and “Example (case of a plywood) from here.



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