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Protecting Biodiversity in the Mekong River Basin

From the Tibetan Plateau down to the South China Sea, the Mekong River runs through more than 4,000km long. Not only the diverse fish species in the M...Read More


Sustainable Production and Use of Natural Rubber

What comes to mind when asked "what products are made out of natural rubber"? Natural rubber is used for products with which we are very familiar in o...Read More


Forest Seminar Report: Sustainable Production and Procurement of Natural Rubber

On Friday, July 7th, 2017, WWF Japan held a forest seminar entitled "Sustainable Production and Procurement of Natural Rubber." A variety of resources...Read More


Persian leopard cubs born in Russian reintroduction centre

Triplets have been born to a captive Persian leopard in a Russian breeding centre. The cubs are in good health and may one day be reintroduced to the...Read More


Malaysia's largest marine park comes to life

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia - The establishment of the Tun Mustapha Park in Malaysia, formally gazetted last week, marks a milestone in global marine con...Read More


Indian Ocean yellowfin tuna catches need cuts to prevent collapse

Tuna fishing in the Indian Ocean Gland, Switzerland. Indian Ocean yellowfin tuna stocks may collapse without better regulation, warned WWF in advance...Read More


Bonn meeting must provide specifics, direction and scale to new climate deal

WWF asks for Bonn Intersessional (May 2016) © WWF (Gland, Switzerland 11 May 2015) - Climate negotiators will have to give substance to important ele...Read More


Japanese Top 500 companies rated by sector for their efforts and impact in reducing emissions - and the results are surprising!

WWF-Japan has been doing revealing research evaluating the climate efforts of Japan's top 500 companies - by sector - based solely on the information...Read More


Global wild tiger population increases, but still a long way to go

NEW DELHI, India -- The number of wild tigers has been revised to 3,890, based on the best available data, said WWF and the Global Tiger Forum (GTF) ...Read More


Warming waters bring coral bleaching across the globe

Many of the world's coral reefs are currently under siege from hotter-than-usual water, causing corals to bleach white; scientists expect a significa...Read More


As skylines darken for Earth Hour, millions shine a light on climate action

On Saturday, as WWF's Earth Hour rolled across the world from Samoa to Santiago, millions came together to shine a light on the climate action our pl...Read More


New global strategy to save sharks and rays

A group of international conservation organizations launched a new strategy today to combat the decline of sharks and closely related rays, while war...Read More


Wetlands conservation milestone for WWF

Gland, Switzerland - The designation of wetlands for conservation with WWF support reached over 100 million hectares worldwide with the declaration o...Read More


South Africa stabilises rhino poaching as threat spreads across the region

South Africa today announced its first decrease in rhino poaching since 2007, but this slight improvement was offset by an alarming increase in the n...Read More


Reflecting back, looking forward

WWF proved again in 2015 that when we work together just about anything is possible... The year came to a promising close when governments met in Par...Read More


Governments set course for ambitious action on climate change, more immediate steps needed

Paris - World governments finalized a global agreement today in Paris that lays a foundation for long-term efforts to fight climate change. More effo...Read More


World on brink of global climate deal

Gland, Switzerland - Next week, world leaders will meet in Paris where a global climate deal is expected to be agreed. Leaders are under pressure to ...Read More


WWF & IUCN announce new partnership to expand and strengthen protected areas

Gland, Switzerland - WWF and IUCN have joined forces to enhance and promote the role of protected and conserved areas in achieving sustainable develo...Read More


Climate baton passes to world leaders

(Bonn, Germany, 23 October, 2015) - As the UN climate talks conclude in Bonn today, the baton passes to political leaders to resolve key issues stand...Read More


Hundreds of new species discovered in the fragile Eastern Himalayan region

Thimphu, Bhutan - A sneezing monkey, a walking fish and a jewel-like snake are just some of a biological treasure trove of over 200 new species disco...Read More