Making rangers patrol-SMART: TRAMCA rangers trained on Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tools (SMART)

Bhutan: Some 24 field rangers from Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary (PWS), Royal Manas National Park (RMNP) and Khaling Wildlife Sanctuary (KWS) attended the Spatial Monitoring And Reporting Tools (SMART) training that was held in RMNP from 23rd March till 2nd April.

SMART is a site-based approach of monitoring, evaluating and improving effectiveness of conservation management. The objective of the training was to provide basic, but vital, knowledge to field rangers of the Trans-boundary Manas Conservation Area (TRAMCA*) landscape on law enforcement.

During the five-day long training, participants were trained by Rohit Singh, Tactical Protection and Law Enforcement Monitoring Officer of WWF's Tigers Alive Initiative based in Malaysia.

The training included GPS and map reading, patrol and patrolling tactics, patrol planning, intelligence gathering, anti-poaching operation, use of SMART, legislation and reporting on patrol activities.

*TRAMCA Project; Combining seven protected high conservation value spots in Eastern Himalaya into one large conservation area to provide better habitats and ecosystem for endangered species such as Bengal tiger, greater one-horned rhino, Asian elephant, snow leopard. WWF Japan is engaged on this project.

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Rangers get a hands-on training on crime scene investigation during the SMART patrolling training.

To make routine patrolling efficient, WWF Japan has equipped KWS with motor bikes.